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Advent Calendar

Waiting in joyful anticipation

LJ Advent Calendar
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This community will tick off the days of advent with traditional readings, meditations, recipes as well some new ideas and stories to give depth to these days of joyful anticipation. Posting begins on the evening of December 1 and will continue daily until December 25.

What is advent?
In the liturgical year, Advent is the four week period ending on December 25, Christmas Day. It was a time for penance and reflection. Advent actually opens the liturgical year, appropriately as a time of waiting for the coming of the savior. Many of you will remember opening the little doors on advent calendars as a child. (The more traditional advent calendars mark specific verses and lessons. The modern ones usually contain a chocolate a day.) I am challenging myself as this community's maintainer to offer a daily post which is in some respects traditional and in others more lighthearted and fun. This is not strictly a Catholic or Orthodox practice, so membership is open to ALL BELIEFS within reason.

The only rules: Posting to this community is restricted, but comments are welcome. ABSOLUTELY NO DEBATE OR DISCORD WILL BE TOLERATED HERE. This is not the place to debate the nature of God or to berate people for their beliefs or prattle on about whether this tradition or that has a pagan origin. There are numerous communities out there for these practices if you feel you really must engage in them.